Saturday, August 25, 2012

funny feelings.

I don't think I've ever been more excited about something in my entire life.

Or, rather, excited about giving something to someone.

I've never felt so obligated to shower anyone with gifts before, but every single time I've gone over to these two adorable girls' house to babysit them and their 8 week old baby sister, I've always felt like I needed to go out of my way and do something for them. Or get them something. Anything.

So today while we were at Target, I nearly turned the corner before I backed up--two aisles in a sea of pink and girly things. Toys. And there in the middle of Barbies and dolls was a crapton of My Little Pony stuff.

And so I got Anna and Julie a Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to add to their dated pony collection.

I've never felt so overcome with love for two little girls as much as I have for them. I am SO looking forward to seeing their faces when I give them their presents tomorrow at church...

It's kind of like my going-away present to them...since school will be starting on Monday and will thus end our routine Tuesday babysitting sessions that I will miss so much. :(

I'm going to miss playing house and kings and queens. I'm going to miss eating pretend food and drinking imaginary smoothies that Julie made me out of play food. I'm going to miss holding that 8 week old baby and rocking her until she goes to sleep--or how she smiles as soon as she sees me. I'm going to miss helping Anna with her DS games and watching ponies with them on Netflix. I'm going to miss listening to their stories and hearing that sisterly love that I never got to have.

I'm really going to miss Julie calling me "Suh-rare-uh".

I'm going to miss their eagerness to play with me the moment I walk through the door. I'm going to miss Anna poking her head through the curtains to see who's at the door before she opens it. I'm going to miss their momma coming home and asking how they were...and I'm going to miss telling her that they were awesome.

As much as I'm bursting with happiness for school to start on Monday, I'm honestly sad that they will be in school too, and I won't get to see them as much.

So I'm going to try and put all of my feelings into these two ponies that I got for them. I'm going to try and show them how much I really do love them before we go our separate ways. I'm going to try and see if I can babysit them on Saturdays...or whenever their momma needs me to.

Because I don't think I've missed anyone as much as I'm going to miss Anna and Julie.