Monday, April 16, 2012

It's been a pretty Decemberists kind of day today. Making Mexican wedding cookies to bring to Principles of Health Science tomorrow for our cultural/ethnic unit, I had the tiniest taste of taramisu before the connection in my mind was made that it's pretty much just frosting and coffee...which I don't drink...(the coffee, that is; I'll drink frosting whenever you want me to)...before spitting it out and regretting everything. that. I. ever. did. wrong.

Finished out the day by accidentally saying the "a" word after my friend said it, and I proceeded to respond with a witty comeback (as usual to keep the conversation awesome). Didn't realize I said it, I guess my mind was a little too busy still freaking out from that dumb taramisu coffee incident earlier this morning. Anyway, it barely came out of my mouth before I realized what I had done...and all of my emotions except for utter shame drained from me, and I was stuck there spinning in a chair pretending to read a book that I was already ahead in for English while flipping out and while Jake was all like, "Sierra...I've never heard you cuss before!" And I just sat there like....ahhhhhh why??

Needless to say, the self proclaimed "daylists" will start today. Playlists for each day based on moods/thoughts/feelings/whatever the flip else happens on that day. Enjoy--today is a short one.

(Oh, and that song by The Wanted that I just heard literally two days ago that I told everyone was so dumb is actually pretty decent..especially since THE VERY NEXT DAY I found that SOMEONE (some amazing remix artist called No Pets Allowed) had put Glad You Came to Skrillex and Noisia.

I can't. I just can't.

The awesomeness is just too much.