Friday, June 29, 2012

more drawings

This is Clover, and she's an OC for the fanfiction that I'm writing...or will end up writing very soon.

She's much prettier than I drew her...and her hair is super light blonde. But being me, I couldn't agree with the hair and the background color to be too similar, so I made them both darker.

Not that you care about me ranting on how I colored this, but I just thought that I should verify this to myself.

Because I'm awesome like that.

I'll end up drawing her next to her sisters someday...simply because the name Clover goes with Sage and Winter. And because I need to get as much art/creativity/bleh out of me in the next four days before vacation. Because starting Tuesday, the only creativity that will come out of me will be different ways to annoy my relatives and odd ways to eat my food. Because this vacation is totally going to be all about me eating 30 pounds of food every day and not caring. And then worrying about all the wight that I'm gained after we get back. And probs binge eating because I'll be so terribly NOT over the fact that we're 95% not going to keep our dog. So he won't be there after vacation. And so therefore the 30 pounds of food I eat with be COMFORT FOOD. With LOTS OF FAT. And probably A LOT OF CHOCOLATE, TOO.

But for now, I'll pre-medicate with the dance tonight, a crap ton of music (which does NOT have bad language lyrics, mother, despite what you saw this morning), and some drawing. And maybe some fanfiction.

Because I support my own Clover/Durza ship 110%.

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