Saturday, April 14, 2012

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H+B Jackson said...

I took so many art courses in college (which took 6 years to get my degree in Interior Design instead of 4 like I had planned to get a degree in Architecture) Your art is so refreshing! I remember last year you talking about your practicing techniques, you impress me immensely! Your worked has progressed and improved dramatically. This piece in particular made me stop (all thoughts left my crazy brain) and inhale your work. You are so talented and not only with your art you have posted on your blog, but your writing is wonderful! All through college I felt I was constantly reading and writing essays (even all my art classes required essays). It took me years to learn to write effectively and you are much more skilled than I. You have great gifts that I envy. Don't stop developing. Keep sharing.

Love your cousin (once removed I think), Holly